Jockey Daniel Jack Smith has Banned Wagering Crimes For 8 Years

Jockey Daniel Jack Smith has been banned for eight years after pleading guilty, including making bets on other horses in the races he raced in. online casino  Jacksmith is also now banned from running for 32 offences.

In an investigation into the July 2019-December 2020 study claiming Smith’s role in betting operations, Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory (TRNT) confirmed the result.trusted online casino In 27 breachs of AR115(1)(e), Smith filed a conviction plea concerning jockey and wrongdoing in the apprenticeship. From July 2019 through December 2020, Smith made bets during a jockey licence under his previous name, Terry Treichel.


Casino, Chips, Poker Face, GamblingA two-year horseracing suspension is the usual punishment for violating this law. The stewards concluded, however, that they had to divide the 27 charges into two sections. Category A consisted of 16 Smith bet costs. These wagering amounts to 1380 AUD$.

Category B had 11 fees for betting and thoroughbred races in other contestants. The AUD$460 bets were made. There was no suggestion that Smith was involved in the races in such a manner that the results were tainted.

Ban imposed 

For the first bet in group A, the stewards turned over a two-year suspension with an exceptional case cut of three months. On any of the remaining 15 violations of Category A, the same 21-month disqualification punishment extends to a total of 336 months (28 years).

The stewards prohibited Smith for the first bet in category B for three years with a cut of six months, depending on particular circumstances. The other ten violations are disqualified for 30 months, a total of 330 months (27 and a half years).

Smith also banes false or misleading claims in respect of race administration under two charges under AR229(1)(h). Since changing its name from Terry Charles Treichel to Daniel Jack Smith by filing applications for a jockey licences under his former name, Smith made misleading statements to a main racing authority. The stewards agreed, with these charges, that Smith’s horseracing would be prohibited for three years.

Final charge 

Card, Playing Cards, Poker, PlayThen Smith pleaded culpable to two final charges of AR115 (1)(c) violations, which stipulate that in any race, jockeys can neither bet nor encourage a bet. Between April 2019 and July 2020 Smith has made a total of 168 recognised bets on Australia as a jockey meet. These bets had a turnover of around 10,500 dollars. A disqualification for nine months was levied and his guilty plea was reduced for three months.

Smith was also given a 2 months suspension for an additional fee in November 2020 for making a AUD$100 bet on a Poinstbet account during a jockey licence under Terry Treichel.

Once each charge was taken into consideration, the stewards determined that an 8-year disqualification penalty was adequate. The suspension and disqualification intervals will take place at the same time. The period for disqualification shall be retroactive to the suspension of the Smith licence on 18 Dec. This is a rare collection of conditions that Australian Racing has not seen before,” the TRNT said in a statement.

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